Saturday, July 29, 2017

Gluing and Clamping

The past few weeks have been marked by constant error on my part. They've also been wonderful. I'll spend all day outside in the sun and breeze, making noise and sawdust, discover I've screwed up something big time and have to do it all again. There are worse cycles. Gluing and clamping have led to the most mistakes thus far. So, everything you see below I've basically done twice in order to get it right.

There are essentially three pieces to the table: two supports and a top. Each needs to be glued up from several boards using biscuits.

Here is the top before the circle is cut:

 below you can see all the temporary clamping blocks I screwed to the boards in order to get the needed angles and compression. These were screwed to areas I knew would become scrap once the circle was cut.

And here is a picture of the supporting pieces before the curves are cut. I "clamped" it together with string pulled tight and tied.

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