Monday, December 28, 2015

Warm Floors

I bought a new house this year, which means my creative labor has not been directed towards sexy woodworking projects but comparatively unsexy housework projects. So, I'll post a few entries on some of those projects, because, while not sexy, some have been pretty time intensive.

Ok, I might have under-sold the sexiness of some of the house projects, because the most recent one is decidedly sexy: heated floors! If that does not sound sexy to you, this is because you've never walked barefoot on a heated floor.

I only heated a small portion of floor, mind you. In the sun-room where we eat breakfast. The area only has an unheated crawlspace below and predictably the floor was downright frigid in the morning. Very uninviting for eating your breakfast cereal. So, I found a product that can slide right under the laminate floors I installed last spring. About $700 later, plus some amateur wiring, the heated floor is operational and feels reeeeeally nice.

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