Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Project

We need more space in our condo, and it's finally time to get rid of this silly "open entryway" architectural feature that's just a big waste of space. When you enter through the front door, if you look up you can see right into the second floor. There's a railing, and an awkward set of bookshelves. See it here from the second floor. A note about the picture - it's a panorama - the railing is not actually curved.

The space will be used as a library and office space. Picture over-sized pillows on the floor and lots of children's books strewn about.

To put in a new floor, I have to install sturdy joists, subfloor, drywall (on the ceiling below), and some minor electrical wiring (I can hear them saying "it was only a minor electrical fire...).

So far, I've cut away the sections of wall where I plan to hang the joists. This exposed composite beams, which you can't nail into. So, I had to bulk them up with some plywood and 2x8 material to act as a nailer for the joists. See below, the exposed beam, and my additional lumber tacked on.


And here is what it looks like with the joist hangers nailed up. The joists won't go in until later. I need to do the wiring first.  Again, it's a panorama of a rectangular space, so forgive the warped sense of curvy space.

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