Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some stain and a cockamamie plan

Worked on two project elements today. I sanded and oiled/stained the chair seats. Easy and straight-forward.

In the afternoon I began to tackle carving the chair backs. I drew all sorts of sketches, took measurements, blah blah blah. 

But in the end I'm really better at just getting my hands on the material and staring at it until a bright idea pops into my head. You can see the basic plan here. I want to use the table saw to nibble away at the material to be removed within the curve. If I can elevate the wood at an angle as I cut on the table saw I can achieve the off-axis cut. Then all I need to do is lower the blade as I approach the edges and I might should get the basic shape done. Finishing off with chisels and sanders. But How to I do the angle cut on the table saw?  

THIS is how, apparently

This begins with a "sled" that I made years ago for the table saw. What's going on here is I lay the wood on the sled flat, and then elevate on end, clamping some temporary legs on it to hold it up. This keeps the angle I want. Then clamp it to the sled and the whole contraption moves freely on the table saw. I can move the whole piece left and right on the sled, and adjust the saw blade height. Except its all painfully slow work, and I'm worried about not getting a terribly graceful curve... 

You can see me experimenting with blade depth here

It's really fu#*@# scary to cut into a piece of wood I've lovingly assembled over days and weeks. I'm being cautious. Nibbling away slowly. I hope I can at least use this method to set depth marks to guide my eye when I go at it with a sander later...

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