Thursday, June 6, 2013

Misc problem solving

A portion of the morning was spent putting some wax on the chair seats. Two coats. They look really nice. But most of the morning was spent doing geometric problem solving. First, I came up with a better table-saw jig. I just screwed in a cleat to the sled for the wood to rest on, so it can stay at an angle.

But while this essentially "works" it doesn't take away enough material at a time. It would take all summer to cut enough strips. So I'm going to make a different jig for my router, which can take a way about 6 times the material at one pass. More on that next time.

I also figured out an elegant way to draw a curve for me to guide the curve-cutting. I made a giant compass out of a strip of wood and a screw. 

This lets me draw a curve that's symmetrical and will be the same on all pieces. Then I just need to get my act together carving it out!

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