Monday, June 3, 2013

Chair Seat Shapes Up

It's so rewarding to encounter a design challenge, sketch out a solution, and craft it out of tangible material. This is a reward that comes rarely in philosophy. Today I finished making the chair seats. You'll see the sketch I made in a previous post, and this is the result. It consists of 1 inch strips of walnut laminated (glued) together on top of a piece of plywood for stability and strength. The plywood will be invisible in its final assembly.

I gave them a rough sand to even out the surfaces today, and trimmed them to the right size. Tomorrow I might give them their finish sanding. The other job on the docket tomorrow is to cut the chair backs to the right size. Then everything will be ready for a dry assembly. Once that happens I'll everything apart, carve the curve in the chair backs, and give it all finish coats of oil and wax

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