Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I finally embarked in earnest on carving the chair backs. Predictably, there WAS no really good mechanical solution for cutting the curves with any ease or grace. My router jig provides a decent start, but then it turns out to be a sloppy game involving chisels, saws, and a huge sander. Here's a progression in pictures.

After a few passes with the router:

Then some chiseling. Taking a chisel to this block of wood that I have loved is nearly panic-inducing. It looks it's been chewed on by a beaver..

Cleaned up a little, its looking no better

But you can see my big belt sander in the background. That's the hero of the project. 60 grit sandpaper on that thing gets the job done eventually. But my arms are tired!

You can see there are still bumps here and there. Some hand sanding will even that out. Overall I'm pleased with the results. I spent 3 hours this morning at this, and I got about 3/5 of the way through the 4 pieces. I'll let you figure out that math. Hopefully get done with the carving tomorrow, leaving thursday for finish sanding and oiling. Then, MAYBE, friday will be the big assembly day!

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