Monday, May 13, 2013

Gluing and Sanding

These past two weeks have been relaxing. My teaching is done for the semester (and I managed to get a degree and a job in that time too!) so I've been at home doing some more carpentry. A lot of time has been spent gluing the strips of walnut into what will be the tabletops. The working time for the glue is about 5 minutes, so I can glue up about 5 or 6 strips in that amount of time. I glue a bit, clamp it, let it set for a couple hours, then glue a few more strips. It's a calming ritual.

I've started sanding some of the panels too, a job which will take quite some time. But I'm getting to use a few new sanders that havent' really gotten to prove themselves yet, and that's fun. This week keep up the sanding, and begin to build the under-layer of the table tops - what will become the chair seats in the open position

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