Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cutting strips

You can see from the original picture that the table tops are made from many thinner pieces glued together. At first I saw that and interpreted that as a sign of cheap craftsmanship - you can save money on wood by assembling pieces of scrap rather than using nice wide boards. But when I noticed the cove cut on the underside of the top (the surface that touches the back when its a chair) I realized that using wide boards would be unstable. The wide pieces would warp, especially when thinned in the middle. Thus the many-thin-pieces strategy was really for strength more than anything else. So I'll do it too. And I'll do something the original doesn't do, which is bring that aesthetic of into the second layer as well (what will be the chair bottom). In the original they use wider pieces for that, but I think it will look better if it matches the chair back. So today I took all my nice wide pieces of walnut and cut them into 1.5 inch strips

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