Sunday, March 31, 2013

Design Challenge

There's one design element of the chair that has stumped me so far. In it's open position, you can see that the chair back has a curved concave shape to it. It is wide at the top, about 16 inches in width, and disappears near the bottom. 

Here's a drawing of my own:

But I can't figure out how I would achieve this effect short of carving it with hand-tools. I could do an angled cove-cut with a table saw but I would need a blade about three feet in diameter. I could use a router maybe, but I'd need to make a very intricate jig and that would be as hard as the initial challenge. The only other thing I can think of is maybe using a band saw. I'd have to stand the board up vertically, and then at an angle and cut a curve. As if the band saw blade was mimicking a giant circular blade that just kissed the top of the board at a slight angle. Problem: I dont' have a band saw. Sounds dangerous anyway... so I'm still thinking. What if the chair back had no indentation at all? Less comfy, and less sleek I think. Luckily this can be one of the very last pieces I finish. 


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  2. Good grief. That had better be spam...