Monday, May 21, 2012

more blogging?

Don't let the existence of this blog fool you: I have NO TIME for carpentry in the near future. I'm trying finish up my dissertation this summer and have a 4-course teaching load in the fall. But one of these days... I hope to get back to some projects and I'll blog about them here.


I'm a philosopher who's tried to find time for carpentry over the years as well. I got started doing carpentry in college, when I spent a few summers working for a residential contractor, mainly doing kitchen and bathroom remodels. Since then I've done some small projects for friends and neighbors (shelves, cabinets, closets) and built myself some furniture. Here are pictures of some past projects that I'm proud of:

This was a cabinet I built from 2008-2011 as I worked on my dissertation. I kept a blog documenting the building of the cabinet but it's about to become unavailable, so I'm trying to move it to a different site. Here are some more projects: